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Our Lady of Wisdom University Parish
A Future Full Of Hope at Texas State University

Whether you have been away from the Catholic student center for 3 years or 30 years we have a lot of great news to share with you. Today, ten wonderful missionaries and over 15 ministries and programs draw students to Our Lady of Wisdom University Parish in unprecedented numbers!  Our Our Lady of Wisdom is impacting and transforming the San Marcos community, the Diocese of Austin and the Universal Church in so many ways:
  • 15 recent graduates serving as missionaries with Saint Paul’s Outreach (SPO) and The Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)
  • At least 10 men are in some stage of discernment for priesthood
  • 5-10 women, current students and recent graduates, are discerning the religious life
  • 20 students are living in Catholic Households with Saint Paul's Outreach
  • 30 Bible Studies and 26 Student Leaders with FOCUS spread the good news to students on campus
  • Over 70  students are in formation programs with Saint Paul's Outreach
  • Awakening had first summer retreat in 2012 due to increased interest in the retreat
We take pride in the success of these ministries but, we know we have a long way to go in order to reach our full potential.  Today, there are over 35,000 students on the Texas State campus and we estimate 8,000 of them are Catholic.  Our goal is to engage all of the Catholics on campus in our formation programs and to reach others with the Good News of Jesus and His Church. We need your help. 
You can help us reach more students by joining the Living Faith Society.  Your monthly gifts will provide the unrestricted financial resources necessary to minister to the growing number of students who are participating at Wisdom.  Please join with our staff, leadership council and all our constituents in fulfilling our mission and vision.  
Our Catholic Church as a whole will continue to benefit as young men and women learn to live their faith and discern their personal vocations at Wisdom.  Whether called to married life, the priesthood or religious life the strong Catholic values developed at Wisdom will guide students throughout their own lives and impact parishes across the USA.
We want to engage in faith all the Catholic students at Texas State.  While we saw approximately 1,200 of the 8,000 Catholic students on Ash Wednesday 2013, we recognize that we will have to expand our ministries and facilities significantly in order to accomplish our mission. 
Our current strategy of enlisting the help of Saint Paul's Outreach and FOCUS to engage and form students in faith is working.  They increase the points of contact with the Church from 2 (a priest and a campus minister) to 11 with the addition of ten missionaries and even more with their student missionaries.  This means students who would not walk into a Catholic church are much more likely to receive an invitation to consider belief in Jesus and to come back to or to join His Church.  In order to increase this effort and provide further formation in the faith we envision:

  • Increase the number of FOCUS missionaries for optimal outreach including student leaders and Bible Studies
  • Dedicated housing for intentional Christian community living for the Saint Paul's Outreach Catholic households with houses that will accommodate sixty students
  • The Domincan Sisters of Mary will fill much needed campus ministry positions, teach classes on the Catholic Faith and assist students through the vocational discernment process
  • Full time music and liturgical coordinator capable of forming students to lead liturgical music in conjunction with the College of Music at Texas State
We know that our current facilities are not designed or equipped to provide space for what we already do with 9 full-time missionaries, 35 weekly Bible study type groups, all the student-led meetings and and activities throughout each week.  While much of this ministry happens outside of our building and our multi-purpose rooms help accommodate various needs, we are pushing the limit of what it can handle.  To realize our ministry goals and objectives we will need more space.  We envision:
  • A new, expanded Church with seating increased from 200 to 1000
  • Parking expanded to accommodate 300 cars
  • Office, meeting and flexible classroom space totaling 5,000 sq. feet
  • The parish social hall and student recreation space doubled
  • Permanent office space increased by 50 percent to allow student organizations, leaders and staff to more effectively carry out the mission of Our Lady of Wisdom University Parish

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